This holiday was definitely one of the best we had so far with the family. We did the 10 days gorilla safari in Uganda and we booked the midrange hotels. During other holidays we’ve had better, more luxury, hotels but for this trip it was perfectly fine. We started this trip with Murchison Falls National Park where we saw our first animal of the big five: The white and black rhino! The next day we went for a game drive where we saw many animals and lions hunting a group of impalas. We almost managed to complete the big 5, except for the leopard… luckily we were able to see the wild leopard in Kasenyi National Park. So the big 5 was complete. Though we were happy to see the big 5 in the wild, we were overwhelmed when we saw the primates, especially the gorillas! We walked through the forest, which was hard work at times and we were out for 4 ½ hours. All this was forgotten when we arrived at the gorillas. It was really special being around whit this King Kong family. A good tip is to get a porter, they do not just carry you backpack they will help and guide you during the trek, even if you need help with pulling and pushing you over obstacles.
We could not recommend this trip highly enough.