Rwanda as one of the smallest country in Africa mainland and famous for its horrific history, besides that the country provides a beautiful landscape, wildlife including the famous mountain gorillas and is definitely a trip worth it.

Its young population lives mostly rural depending on specially subsistence farming. Tourism offers a great new chance for the country and its friendly, open people.

Within just a short period of time the country recovered from its past. For example the city of Kigali became the cleanest of Africa. This makes the still growing tourism sector an attractive destination for tourists interested in an natural paradise.


The destination with the highest density of gorilla’s in the world.


Rwanda is a much smaller country than Uganda what makes the driving distances much shorter. This gives you the opportunity to see more in fewer time! So after your gorilla trek you have enough time for the many beautiful places that the country has to offer. There is for example Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. It’s a gorgeous city with good weather. In our city tour you can get a taste of the turbulent history of the country by visiting for example the genocide memorials.

Rwanda has also national parks which offer some amazing wildlife. It has a great variation of animals including chimpanzees and a variety of birds. Lastly, you can visit Lake Kivu, a great place to relax and take a swim after your gorilla trekking.