Democratic Republic of Congo also known as Zaire, is the second biggest country in Africa. in this huge country, they are living 80,000,000 people. The extraction of the resources like gold, minerals and diamond is destroying on of the biggest rain forests of the world which is home for diverse endangered species.

A number of attractions in Congo including the Virunga and Maiko national park and Nyiragongo Volcano can all be reached from Goma city starting from Kigali.
For hikers the Rwenzori Mountains with a height of 5109 m are definitely a challenge.

The ones who are not afraid of wild and loud city life should visit the city of Kinshasa with it’s rich and interesting history of cold war times.


Riches rain forest of the world accessible from Goma and Rwanda
map of D.R.Congo


After a long period of violence and political instability, the Democratic Republic of Congo is now peaceful and accessible for tourists. Congo has an advantage of hosting different apes like mountain gorillas, lowland gorillas and chimpanzees, the rare okapi witch can only be found in Congo. This makes Congo one of the most active and diverse habitat for wildlife in the world.
Definitely a trip worth is the active Nyiragongo volcano at 3470 m which is one of the eight volcanoes of the Virunga conservation region.

With a visit in war recovering Congo, you not only support the local communities and infrastructure, you as well protect the wildlife habitat which is home for highly endangered apes.